«De nære ting»

18.05.14 DNT cover front
  • Helt først

  • La sminken være på

  • Et smil fra deg er nok

  • Horten Havneby

  • Hannas sang

  • Louisiana morgen 

  • Våren 2018 og Tom Russell

  • Det hadde vært koselig

  • Steinbrygga

  • Det er innsia som syns

  • Hjembyen min

  • Der er vind

  • Vårt Europa

  • Helt slutt


All songs written by Knut Roppestad – except “Horten havneby” that is translated to Norwegian by Ola Nordskar and «vårt europa» the lyrics are by Cathrine Holt

A shiverMusic Production
Produced by Knut Roppestad

Recording and mastering by Robert Hauge, Badabing Studio, Horten, Norway,  2018

The band

Lene Svaleng: Vocal
Andreas Floer: electric guitar and vocal
Stig Karlsen: Bass
Asbjørn Husby: Drums
Knut Roppestad: Vocal, electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica and banjo

On «Vårt Europa» Einar Viken plays all the instruments and the background vocal, recorded and mastered at Musikkloftet in Moss, Norway

Cover design and pictures:North Philm -  Anne-Sophie Drouet

«Do You Want to Spend the Night?»

  • Big City

  • Salesman

  • Wildfire

  • Quiet at the Hotel

  • The Fall

  • Tribute 

  • Gung Ho

  • Redrum

  • I Don’t Wanna Go There

  • Strut

  • Is Love Devine

  • Two Minutes to Midnight

  • Man Blues

  • Always Some Comfort In Time

  • Checkout


All songs written by Knut Roppestad – except “Redrum” by Asbjørn Husby and “Checkout” by Emil Ljone

Produced by Knut Roppestad, co-produced by Robert Hauge - spring of 2017

Recording and mastering by Robert Hauge, Badabing Studio, Horten, Norway

Knut Roppestad: Lead vocals, backing vocals and guitars
Asbjørn Husby: Drums
Emil Ljone: Bass

We are grateful for the guest appearance on backing vocals by Marianne Eide and on keyboards by Ivar Jacobsen (Quiet On the Motel, Man Blues)

Cover design and pictures: Anne-Sophie Drouet

«Tall Tales and Misfortunes»

TTaM Cover (1)

The Writer                                   

You’re To Say    
Sweet Camille 

Where The River Runs Wide  

Moving On

King In the Meantime
It’s Still Luck        
Hope to See You Again

Bonus tracks only on CD and online sevices
Dart To the Heart                        


All songs written by Knut Roppestad
Recorded and produced by Per Ladegård at Calle Rudé Studio – spring of 2017, except “Aftermath” recorded by Michael Lutz and produced by Dana Waters and Knut Roppestad at the Jazzlab, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA in July 2015. 

All vocals by Knut Roppestad. All instruments by Per Ladegård exept: Guitar solo on “Horses”, electric guitar on “It’s Still Luck”, banjo on “Hope to See You again”, mandolin on “Aftermath” by Knut Roppestad. Acoustic guitar and violin on “Aftermath” by Dana Waters and Jakus White.

Bonus Tracks:
“Dart To the Heart” Recorded by Sly Frances in West Moreland, Jamaica January -2016.

Keyboard by Bounty Vaughn, bass by Rambo, electric guitar by Kenroy Campbell, drums by Fox, guitar solo by Knut Roppestad – produced by Winston G. Harriot.

“Boondock’s” recorded live by Einar Viken at “Boondock’s Hideout”, Tønsberg, NO june -17.

Cover design and pictures: Anne-Sophie Drouet
Mastering by Robert Hauge, Badabing Studio, Horten, Norway

«Two Worlds two Songs» 
Knut Roppestads has releast a solo single summer 2016

Pochette 6 (ok)

  1. Dart to the heart
  2. Afthermath 

«Tornado Tracks» 
 Is Knut Roppestads and The Ramblings Rodgers big release in 2015. 

1. Tornado Tracks
2. Hurdles and Obstacles
3. Corner song
4. All you want is love
5. May our foes be with us
6. Mountain
7. Wide awake
8. I’d like to bring joy
9. That truth is love
10. Thy will be done
11. Got no claim on your heart
12. Sweet Surrender

«Det hadde vært koselig»

 Is Knut Roppestads first singel in norwegian. It’s performed by Knut Roppestad and The Rambling Rodgers. Lyrics and composer is Knut Roppestad.

Koselig 1

1 Det hadde vært koselig                           4:59

"Rough Hope"

 "Rough Hope" and is a concept album concerning different angles of hope - from trivial to existential issues ......... if there is any difference. 

Both musicians from Shiverbone and The Rambling Rodgers (and others) participate. The album contains 15 of Knut's originals. To read more about the album  go to the page Rough Hope

  1. How Do You Do
  2. From Palestine To Stuttgart
  3. I’m Angry Too
  4. Harbour Town
  5. Life According To Mr. D
  6. True
  7. I Will Lay You Down
  8. Butterfly Angel
  9. Do Love
  10. Years Of Pain
  11. Storyteller
  12. Trouble
  13. I Don’t Wanna Go There
  14. Psalm
  15. Not Being You 

  1. Butterfly Angel               
  2. Harbour 
  3. Town All Bark And No Bite (with Shiverbone)


  1. Out On the Highway
  2. Minor Things
  3. Clete Purcel And The Ladies
  4. In Love And In Anger
  5. C mon 
  6. The Godwheel

1. Bad Times                       2. As Good As It Gets
3. Vote of Confidence
4. Growing Stronger 
5. I Wanna Tell You
6. Holding Roses                7. Dealer’s Game          8. Sweet Baby Jane

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